CHILDRENS BOOK: The Power of Dreamland by  BeQui RAMSAL Frankel
CHILDRENS BOOK: The Power of Dreamland by  BeQui RAMSAL Frankel
CHILDRENS BOOK: The Power of Dreamland by  BeQui RAMSAL Frankel
CHILDRENS BOOK: The Power of Dreamland by  BeQui RAMSAL Frankel

CHILDRENS BOOK: The Power of Dreamland by BeQui RAMSAL Frankel

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Some might know this author, Ramsal from her smooth vocals on  the Audiopharmacy song - Heat Come.  Some of you also may know illustrator, Randy Lee Grant, as "SEF", rapper/album art from Audiopharmacy songs such as Prophecies, Mama, and many more. Together with coloring/art by Welch, the three of them have created, The Power of Dreamland!

Book Title: The Power of Dreamland

Story by: BeQui RAMSAL Frankel

Visuals by: Jeremiah Allen Welch and Randy Lee Grant



About the book:

The Power of Dreamland is an illustrated children's book written, developed, and self-published by BeQui RAMSAL Frankel. It features vibrantly colorful illustrations created by two very talented artists, Jeremiah Allen Welch and Randy Lee Grant. It is a unique bedtime story that playfully invites us to journey through the whimsical and mysterious Dreamland, and to explore the power and magic of Belief. The Power of Dreamland is a heartfelt and humorous book and is very well-received and thoroughly enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. Looking forward to finding a home on a nightstand near you!

BeQui's Bio:

BeQui RAMSAL Frankel was born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey. With a kindergarten teacher and artist for a Mother and a middle school teacher and social worker for a Father, she was constantly surrounded by children’s books, toys, and art supplies, and she learned a lot over the years about various philosophies on education.

In 2013, while attending nursing school at New York University, she kept a Dream Journal on her nightstand. The process of recording her dreams and pondering the concept of dreaming eventually inspired her to create and develop this book.

In 2015, she migrated to The San Francisco Bay Area with the intention of immersing herself in the artistic communities and learning to live a life guided by Love and Dreams.

When she’s not caring for children as the nanny for several families in Oakland, or carrying out secretarial tasks for the eccentric and loving psychotherapist, Dr. Elliott Isenberg, you may find her in a forest or park drumming and chanting, dancing ecstatically, writing poetry and songs, sewing clothing by hand, or designing whimsical buttons.

This is the first book she has written, developed, and self-published.

If you would like to invite BeQui to theatrically perform this story for a private event or at a school, please feel free to reach out via email! //

Jeremiah Allen Welch's bio:

Jeremiah Allen Welch was born in Visalia, California and is an artist living and working in San Francisco, California. His father was a muralist and sign painter and his mother was a professional clown. As a child, sketchbooks, Legos, and costumes from his family's clowning business supplied an endless amount of entertainment. Comics, cartoons, street art, and hip-hop became his main forms of inspiration and expression growing up. At the same time, he immersed himself in the flourishing electronic music scene as a live painter and music producer. In 2015 he was an artist in residence at Planet Labs, an aerospace company in San Francisco, where he created art that is now on the company's satellites in space. Never seeing an end to his development, Jeremiah Allen Welch continues to push the boundaries of traditional art and where it merges with technology. This is the first children's book he has illustrated. // instagram: @jeremiahallenwelch

Randy Lee Grant's bio aka SEF aka Randum of Audiopharmacy:

Randy Lee Grant was born and raised in the South Bay of Northern California. Graduating from New Valley High, he then attended classes for life drawing and digital animation at De Anza College and later at College of the Redwoods. Influenced by traditional Comic Art, Anime, Graffiti and Tattoo Art, he blends all of these genres with his own unique style and concepts. This is his first experience in producing illustrations for children’s books. Now residing in Capitola, California he looks to continue contributions to the Art World and hopes to further pique imaginations.

rlgrant_art@instagram //

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