Teao Sense - MOMENT: The journey of a soul

From incarnation to reincarnation, each of these instrumentals represents a different stage of life experienced by a human soul. Teao refers to MOMENT as an Audio Cinema: An audio project, where one gains a sense of a cohesive story or plot being told through the music. It is presented in the form of:


The comic book / art journal released with the record, has a detailed illustration for each song concept.  It is hand crafted and beautifully illustrated by OG artist- SEF. The project also premiers paintings for each song by various artists. The Download card also contains a hidden track and a downloadable visual journey, where you can actually watch the full album in animation-film format. Bonus: The Vinyl also ends in an infinite flatline which coincidentally acts as a Serato tone where djs can trigger mp3s.

MOMENT is dedicated to Teao’s late grandmother Grace Wong- spiritual mother to His Holiness, the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, Orgyen Trinley Dorje.


Our goal is to develop the "Audio Cinema" into a full length film.  We believe it will help heal and inspire many and we are currently developing it into workshops.  We have already spent approximately $25,000 on the music, art, and vinyl, etc.  and plan to continue the project with love because it is our life mission to create conscious art and we believe in this project.  Although we consistently strive to bring quality heart filled work, art is rarely sustainable and it is unfortunate that our musicians, artists, animators, and filmers are typically underpaid in this industry. We humbly ask for your support, but not without reciprocity.  Ralph Waldo Emerson said- "The greatest gift is a portion of thyself"

With any donation here, you will receive something from the heart, detailed with love, and intent to inspire consciousness. One Love / One Tribe!


About Moment: 

  • “Moment” is what creator- Teao Sense refers to as an "Audio Cinema" rather than a music album.  He is the producer and founder of the Audiopharmacy Prescriptions collective and band.  From incarnation to reincarnation, “Moment” tells the story of a human soul’s journey, with each song reflecting a different stage of life.  After he created the music and storyline, Teao asked his favorite visual artists to choose a song/concept and create art inspired by it.  What resulted is a collection of art embodying the artists' personal expression and interpretations of these concepts.  From there, Teao was given the opportunity to collaborate with Lumenscapes Illumination Media (specialists in live action full-dome film making) to present his Audio Cinema as a full dome audio/visual experience.  He fused together the music, self shot videography, found footage, animation, and visual art.  Now, the Audio Cinema is available on 12" vinyl, download card of the audio and visual versions, a hand made comic / art journal by SEF, and 12"x18" art prints.
  • Prescription: Audio Cinema- An audio project where one gains a sense of a cohesive story or plot being told through the music. -Teao Sense
  • Musicians featured on this project: Kirtaniyas, Dj Werd, Gregg Green, Okai, Mauricio Trabuco, Elsu Martin, Danny Cao, Malka Lew, Curtis Stewart, Yoed Nir, Desirae Harp, Ras K'dee, Ras Pulse, Keep Yah Joy.
  • Visual Artists featured on this project: Mamawisdom1, Martin Travers, SEF, Dee Jae Pa'este, noa-, Jack Eastgate, Suaro Cervantes, Priya Handa, and Jaiv1.
  • Other features & shouts: Wombmanagement by love/speak, Mastered by Deeskee, Engineered by Jeremy Goddard.
  • 200 Limited edition signed, numbered picture discs also exclusively available for collectors at (artwork by Mamawisdom1 and Martin Travers printed directly on disk) direct Link Here: MOMENT PICTURE DISC 
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