SINGLE (Download): Persia & Teao Sense - "Deeper"

SINGLE (Download): Persia & Teao Sense - "Deeper"

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PERSIA - Many artists in the Bay Area see Persia as one of the key people that layed down the foundation for Southbay’s Hip Hop scene. From throwing shows to working at various labels, she has paid her “dues.” She is an exceptional lyricist and if you are a true fan of Hip Hop, you should definitely give her your ear. Produced by Teao Sense, this is a new song by Audiopharmacy crew- PERSIA x TEAO SENSE.
DEEPER (lyrics) by 
He layed there in a daze in his ending days
in a pain that I couldnt erase away

Teary eyed full of pride and life
broken hearted as part of me died inside

died with him and born again with a pen
a poet a father a friend im a daughter to him.... he 
wanted live to see the seeds from me 
that he planted to grow to breathe and be

better than him smarter than me
stronger than her free feeling the breeze

with birds and bees colorful leaves 
that sway to the ground as the season cease

if these are the things brings us true peace
then why they idolizin calfs and gold geese

Deeper than the eyes and see....

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