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AUDIOBOMB ($20): A portable, mini, rechargeable mp3 player/stereo speaker/fm radio.  Plays USB sticks, micro SD, Aux out, Aux in for playing from external devices.

VITAMINS ($20): A 10 hour playist of Hip Hop, Instrumentals, Funk & Soul, Future Bass, Audiopharmacy, Latin, Remixes etc. Playable in the Audiopharmacy AUDIOBOMB.

SLEEVE ($10): Fabric sleeve designed by Peace Fits clothing with lanyard attached to hang from neck, rearview mirror, or anything hang worthy.

FREE WITH ORDER: long lasting rechargeable battery (4-8 hours); USB/microSD adaptor; auxiliary cable / FM antenna / charger; carrying pouch. 


THE BIRTH OF THE VITAMINS AND AUDIOBOMB by Teao Sense interview by Mr. Nice:

Mr. Nice- So tell me Teao, how did you come up with the idea of the Vitamins and Audiobomb? 

Teao Sense- Sheewt, well ever since I was a kid, music has been essential to my stroll.  I used to make mixes and walk with a boom box everywhere I went.  I called the playlists "Vitamins" because they were essential to my daily health.  The problem was that I would get sick of the music too quick since I was constantly digesting new music.  Now that we're in a digital age, I was able to create the Audiobomb which can host a 10 hour long vitamin, you can bump it hands free, and when you turn it off, it always remember's the last place you were listening.  

Mr. Nice- 10 hours of hand selected songs!  NICE!...that's a lot.  Is that hard to do?

Teao Sense: Actually, it's not easy, but as a DJ/Producer I have to dig and produce all the time anyways, so I don't mind it.  The key to a good vitamin is making a mix that's timeless.  Some songs are cool at first, but after a few plays, they give you a headache.  Timeless music is classic all the time and it's not easy to find 10 hours of timeless music.  I keep a variety of genres flowin and most of the music is laid back with a steady tempo to walk or ride to. All songs chosen are medicine though.

Mr. Nice- Nice, nice... so, are the Audiobombs bluetooth?

Teao Sense: Nope.  I purposely designed these to be free from microwave radiation exposure, and separate from slaving to a phone.  Any type of wireless technology emits microwave radiation, which leads to cancer, brain tumors, ADD, birth defects, and a bunch of other things that I don't wan to be a part of.  Plus, I really enjoy being able to leave my Audiobomb in places without it being connected to my cell phone.  We rely on our cell phones for too much as it is.  I use my audiobomb on my motorcycle, skateboard, then in my car I hook it up to the stereo, then when I get home, I hang it on the wall in the kitchen and connect it to our kitchen stereo where it pretty much bumps all day.  I just listen to music too often to have my phone tied up all the time.  My kids can even walk with their Audiobombs without needing cell phones.

Mr. Nice- Nice.  So how did you come up with the concept? 

Teao Sense- I was walking all over Manilla, Philippines and discovered a small speaker with microSD card technology. I had to get it, then made a long mix for it and carried it around everywhere with me.  It was becoming the sound track to my trip, but I was always holding it up to my ear, so that got annoying.  From a street vendor, I bought a small camera bag and traded a cd for a necklace.  I put the speaker in the bag, then strung the necklace through the bag and hung it down from my neck.  It changed my life.  When I got home, I asked love/speak to sew me a custom sleeve for it and she made the first prototype.  Then together, we invested in making our own custom speaker, had Tom from Mister Clothing design a professional fit sleeve, and then Andreas from Peace Fits offered to design art for the custom sleeve.  Now we exclusively work with him making the sleeves in his clothing studio in Bali.  The speakers are cool, but the mixes are really where it's at.  It takes me months to make each one. When you put the two together with the long lasting batteries that come with them, it truly feeds the soul.


 AUDIOPHARMACY is making a sound statement with the AUDIOBOMB. Now you can bump the latest & greatest beats & rhymes from the Audiopharmacy Prescriptions lab anywhere you go with STYLE! The new AUDIOPHARMACY AUDIOBOMBS are portable, mini, rechargeable mp3 players/stereo speakers/fm radios. Teao Sense creates a new 10 hour Vitamin mix every 3 months and loads the AudioBomb with over 150 songs from his personal music collection to keep you bumpin' for weeks.  This way, all you need to do is turn it on, and it remembers where you left off in the mix.  No external devices needed.  AUDIOPHARMACY RADIO all day, anywhere! When you wear out your card...hit us up to get you another "Vitamin" prescription, trade with a friend, or create your own mixes and transfer them on there using the included usb adaptor. AUDIOBOMBS can play music right off the micro sd cards we provide, listen to FM radio or connect them to your phone, mp3 player, usb stick or computer and listen to your favorite jams right out of your devices. There's even a "auxillary out/headphone jack" for private listening or connecting it to your car stereo to keep your AUDIOBOMB bumpin from a walk to a road trip! The AUDIOPHARMACY AUDIOBOMBS come with custom sleeves designed by Peace Fits Clothing.  They keep you looking fresh with any gear, and a lanyard so you can easily wear them out and about. Once you have an AUDIOBOMB, you'll be naked without it!


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