Birth Doula Package with JewelBB

Birth Doula Package with JewelBB

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Hi Y’all,

My name is Jewel Buchanan-Boone [aka JewelBB] and I am an Oakland-based doula of 5 years. As a doula, I partner with birthing people, providing spiritual, emotional, and physical support during pregnancy through birth and postpartum ceremonies. I also believe that pregnancy and birth should be a joyful experience filled with love and dancing. As I am passionate about birthing joy and revolution, healthy bodies, pregnancies, and births are essential to healing our previous and future 7 generations.

My first visit to Hawaii transformed the way I move as a healer and birth keeper, and to the mauna and the aunties, I owe a debt of gratitude. While there is no way I can repay the blessings bestowed upon me, as a token of my appreciation, I offer the following to the mauna:


A Birth Doula Package [Sliding Scale Value $1800 - $2200]

As a doula, I support birthing folks throughout their pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum journeys as physical, emotional, and spiritual support. In pregnancy, I help prepare for labor and beyond by assisting in birth and postpartum planning, childbirth education, nutritional advising, emotional support, and coaching on how to advocate for needs during labor.

During labor and delivery, I provide continuous support through affirmations, bodily positioning, massage & pain relief techniques, and working with partners and care teams to guide your labor, according to your birth plan. In the event that things don't go exactly to plan, I empower you to create solutions that are in alignment with your needs and wishes.

During the postpartum period, I aid in the start of breastfeeding, perform closing ceremony [if requested], and check in to support the transformation into parenthood and the adjustment of bringing a new baby home.

It is important to me that all people have support in bringing their babies earthside, regardless of family style, structure, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, or any other factor. We all deserve to feel safe, seen, and supported in our births.

My doula package includes the above weaved into the following:

· Labor & birth support

· Birth plan & postpartum plan

· 3 prenatal visits

· 1 Dance Baby Down workshop

· Unlimited phone & email consults

· 2 postpartum visits

· belly binding

· postpartum bone closing ceremony

· 1 salve made by Kai Shatteen

· 1 yoni spray made by Mama Gingi

· Access to my network of healers & Monthly community birthing meetings

This package is offered at full sliding scale pricing, can be gifted to a pregnant person. Thank you for supporting this Black, Queer, Femme community birthworker.


In Light, Love, & Revolution, 

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